Welcome to F² Engravables. NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions in place, our shop is open by appointment ONLY. We offer contactless pick up and drop offs during business hours. Have a peek at our online shop or contact us below with a detailed message. Thank you for supporting a local, Canadian business!

FAQ and Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I able to get Engraved?

  • Currently at F² Engravables we are able to engrave: Metal, Wood, Glass & Plastic. The smallest item we have engraved is a dime, while the largest are cutting boards/liquor bottles!
  • For larger items please message us so that we are able to size out the dimensions, and to look at the finish of your items to guarantee engraving!

Online Orders

  • When ordering online remember that each Engraved item will be reviewed by our staff, therefore if there is a Discrepancy between your amount of words, and how many you've added on, it will be adjusted.
  • Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for us to get back to you and confirm the details of your order, this helps make sure your product is perfect.

Engraving Pricing

  • 1st word is $5
  • Every word after is an additional $3
  • Example 1: “I Love You” engraved on a single item would be 3 words which is $11
  • Example 2: “I Love You” engraved on two items would be 3+3 words which would be $22
  • Example 3: “I love you so much” engraved on a single item would be 5 words which would be $17 total.

Designs and Borders

  • Base fee of $4 each, when using borders, they can be four borders around an entire area, or two on the top or bottom, which will still equal $4 total.

Value Quotes

  • These are quotes that are pre-made in order to load and engrave, they do not contain personal sayings! Starting at just 9$ there are some amazing choices for your special occasions.
  • They are more vague quotes that you can add onto your own personalized words, keep in mind these Value Quotes vary in price so in order to view them and choose it would be best to email or call us.

Colour Fill/Oxidization

  • Colour fill is substance that we use in order to add colour into Glass, and sometimes wood engravings. These are mix and match colours and are a base fee of $2 per item.
  • KEEP IN MIND colour fill is very resilient; however it cannot be used in a dishwasher as the Cleaning Agents/Moist Heat/Pressure will actually breakdown the colour used and wash it away. Also Note: In order for colour fill to properly adhere to the engraving we require 24 hours to ensure it is properly fixed.
  • Oxidization is a service we provide for a base fee of $1. Grav-oxide is a
    liquid which causes a chemical reaction where the engraving turns black. This is available on Brass, Copper and most brushed surfaces. Unlike Colour fill, this does not need to cure and the results are instant!

Rush Orders / Fees

  • Rush fee pricing is determined by the number of items to be engraved, the amount of engraving, and the time frame of which the items are required.
  • These fees can range from $5 to $20 depending.