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About Us

We are a small family owned engraving business which started with a vision... and a closet!

Meet The Team - F² Engravables

Mel F. (aka Purple) - Boss Babe, Wife, Mom of 2.
Typography & Needlepoint Engraving Services

I am a mom of 2 young kids (7 & 4) and married to the love of my life. Formerly an engraving Store Manager turned into an at home business due to the company closing all of their Canadian locations in early 2019....which left me wondering how can I continue to help Create Everlasting Memories for my many clients & loved ones?

Utilizing my 5 years of engraving knowledge and skills I made the decision to buy the equipment, products/displays I could afford and started engraving from my bedroom walk-in closet!! Sure enough, my customers loved the quality of my work and kept coming back! We quickly outgrew my closet business and opened a retail location in December 2019. 

But it didn't happen without struggles. Soon after we opened, the building we rented was sold and we were left with a tough decision to find another location. Luckily enough, we found the ideal location.... just across the street! Not only was it affordable, it was triple the size! Everything happens for a reason, sometimes we just don't know what the reason is yet! 

I'm so grateful that I get to do what I love for a living. Working with my clients to create custom gifts for every occasion brings me so much joy. Thank you for supporting local businesses!

Paul F. - Husband, Dad of 2.
Director of Operations & Laser Engraving Services

Husband and dad to 2 awesome kids, I encouraged my wife to dream big and utilizing my Business Administration Diploma help support her - so she could achieve all the goals I know she is capable of!

I contribute in my own way, being hard of hearing and fighting an undiagnosed disability, I chose to stay home with our kids and help behind the scenes while my wife runs her business full time so she can focus and succeed! I started laser engraving to have a creative outlet and to expand our services to continue to grow our brand and really enjoy being able to work on my own time!

Meet The Team - CD Vinyl Works (Sister Company of F² Engravables!)

Chris K. - MLA, Creative Director, Technical Specialist  
Owner of CD Vinyl Works

Hello, my name is Chris I was one of Mel's supervisors at our previous store; before the company closed; therefore I am also an Experienced engraver! Since working with Mel I've learned many things about engraving, and our Employee/Boss dynamic Blossomed into an Amazing friendship. In addition to Engraving experience I am also an Medical Laboratory Technician & work with Mel PT through CD Vinyl Works.


We work together to help you "Create Everlasting Memories"

We are your ultimate personalization destination! 

Our shop is located at the corner of Main & Cameron:
1472 Main Street East, Unit 1 (Back Door, Lower Level) L8K 1C6.